Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Route 66

Ever since I watched Cars, I somehow always think that Route 66 is the coolest road in USA :p

So, I took a photo with the Route 66 sign when I was in Disneyland's Car Land.

Then I have to take photo with the sigh of "Historic route 66" when we were actually drove on the mother road. First, with iPad.

Then I forced the little girl to help me to take another photo, this time with my DSLR.

So what did we do at Route 66 actually? We were driving from Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, and I insisted that I must drive on Route 66, even only for a small stretch. So we drove to Seligman, stopped at Snow Cap Drive-In to experience how it really feel like if Radiator Spring is for real.

Snow Cap Drive In

Surprisingly, I am not the only Pixar-toxicated-fan. There are really a lot of people (I guessed most probably influenced by Route 66 nostalgia) that purposely came here for a stop!

To order, you have to go into this door:

Basically a tunnel of stickers and photos and advertisements:

It's an unique experience so we actually enjoyed this:

You know what is even crazier than the tunnel? The counter!!! I really didn't know which sign to look at when it's our turn to order.

This cute little model of Snow Cap Drive-In was placed at the counter, together with other souvenirs. But this one is not on sale.

Our initial plan was to buy burgers and hotdogs. However, I think they are not used to handle a crowd of more than 5 so we were asked to wait for another 20 minutes. Though we were not really rushing, but first of all, I normally don't believe in the locals' concept of time when I were at some super slow pace small towns. Secondly, we do want to reach Hoover Dam as soon as possible. So, at the end, we got ourselves a nice cup of cherry sundae to enjoy at the backyard :)

Every tourists are busy taking photos here

Sherrif is waiting....

Do you see Doc Hudson?

Oh, and you gotta love the toilet! It is with air conditioned, and with an antique TV set too!

After the brief stop, we continued our journey to Hoover Dam then Las Vegas. It is until 3 days kater, that we met again with Route 66!

I actually ended my USA 15 days road trip by taking photo with "End of the Trail" of Route 66 at Santa Monica!

I love my Route 66!

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