Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Halloween Costumes at SeaWorld

Oh, by the way, during our visit to the Sea World, it is almost Halloween. I think the kids just can't wait and already in the festive spirit. Hence, we actually met a lot of cute kids with cool costume. Unfortunately, no one wears the Doppler effect costumer :)

Check these out:

1. There are less princesses as compare to Disneyland. We only spotted one here :)
Merida (from Brave) hopping to the park

2. Superheroes are everywhere!
Captain America get bored

Captain America's younger brother - Spiderman

The angry Iron Man

Supergirl on balance beam

3. Surprisingly, there were not short of bugs too :)
The innocent Ladybug

Cute little bee

4. And our favorite goes to ----------- NEMO!!

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