Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Ready for Outdoor

I am sure I am one of those easiest to manipulate. If you manage to plant an idea in my mind, I always can't resist to try it out.

I am also very sure that one day my curiosity is going to kill me. I always wanted to try out some new methods when I think it is logical.

2 days ago I said I do not want to pampered my succulent plants, and I only wanted to let the fittest survive, and I won't do anything more complicated than simply planting with soil. However, I couldn't help but keep on thinking about the theory of layers of rocks, pebbles, sand and soil. Sound very logical.

Without me realizing, when I was on my ritual evening walk yesterday, I collected rocks and sand!!

So this is it! I'm trying it out!

First layer of rocks:

Second layer of pebbles:

Third layer of sand:

Then I added soil as usual. I decided to try this idea on my Kalanchoe sexangularis, since it is said to be robust.

So now I ensure that the "draining system" is better (at least theoretically. Still need to do experiment to prove.), I am putting this pot at the edge of my pergola, where it can get maximum sunlight, and hopefully still good enough to protect it from tropical thunderstorm. Lots of water for her though.

Hopefully she will survive.
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