Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pasir Belanda

2 years ago, we had a family trip to East Coast Malaysia. We love Kelantan, and Pasir Belanda plays an important role. This lovely resort hide in the middle of Malay kampung, just right at the river bank. We had relaxing time enjoying the simplest happiness here.

So during this recent trip, of course we have to stay at this place again. The couple stay in one chalet and four girls in another. Since you will spend most of your time outdoor enjoying the kampung lifestyle, this room is big enough for us to stay comfortably for 3D2N.

Chalet #1 - room for 4 of us

Orchid at chalet #1

Resort facility including free wifi (top priority for most people), a tiny pool, a pondok in the middle of the garden, a small play ground including a tree house, swing, seesaw and slide. You can use their ping pong table and boat for free. There are bicycles available for rent too, RM 35 per bike.

Terrace by the river

Cute little tree house

View from the terrace

I can sit there for hours......

Here are some of the new stuffs:
For you to relax at poolside

Cute van

To show how much we love this place, when we were leaving, our Selfie Queen insisted to park our car at roadside and took photos at the entrance of the resort.

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