Sunday, April 19, 2015

珍珠吊兰 String of Pearls

I used to use "String of Pearls" to decorate my succulents arrangements as I love to add texture to my arrangements. These puffy pearls add cute-nest and softness to the arrangement at the same time

However, after I saw this following picture online, I decided to replant all my string of pearls. I need a waterfall of pearls! I decided that I can always cut them out for adding layer and texture to my arrangements later, if I really have a waterfall of pearls!

Then, I read this blog of 二木花花男, and I decided that I have to do it, immediately!

I added a layer of pebbles in the pot, then a layer of soil.

Then I remove my one and only string from current arrangement, and transfer to this new pot. Add some more soil to cover the pearls.

Pretending to be as careful as an archaeologist, I removed the excessive soil.

Water the plant thoroughly (a tips I get from internet: after re-potting, the first watering must be thorough so that the roots can grab the soil faster)

Put the pot in a tin pot I got from Ikea years ago.

Here's my in house plant for the next few months! It has to sleep with me until it gives me a waterfall of pearls :)

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