Saturday, April 18, 2015

Succulent Plants Care in Tropical Countries

I started to fall in love with succulent plants a few months ago. I have sacrificed a few plants as a new owner, and hence started to learn online on how to take care of these sensitive babies. Unfortunately, most of the blog owners are from temperate zone. Most of the advises are not applicable for us in the tropical countries. So, I decided to start a new label "Succulent Plants" and "多肉植物" in my blog to share what I've learnt, to share my experiments, to share how I decorate them etc.

I mainly follow the field guide written by 二木花花男 to identify my plants, and to group them into different categories base on their requirements of sunlight and water. Image below shows the example. The sunlight indicator of 4 suns show that they need 4 hours of sunlight per day; the water indicator of 3 droplets show that they need to be watered 3 times per month.

Do note that due to the field guide can only be our reference but not to follow strictly. We at tropical countries are too warm, too humid! And we do not have the huge temperature fluctuate within a day. So I only use them for grouping purpose but I still have to do my DOE to learn how to control the watering.

Example of how I group them together: Upcycled Sake Box as Succulent Planter
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