Saturday, April 18, 2015

Upcycled Sake Box as Succulent Planter

I got a sake box a few weeks ago, and I always wanted to turn it into an upcycled succulent planter. Initially I wanted to turn it into a container for living wall, however, after a few considerations, I decided to use it for my first "logical grouping succulent plants arrangement". Why is it a "logical grouping succulent plants arrangement"? Well, because I want to replant all my succulent plants based on their water and sunlight requirements so that it is easier for me, and hopefully my plants get higher survival rate.
I do not have an electrical drill so I'm doing this the traditional way: a hammer and a screwdriver.

First, make a small dent by using screwdriver, with the help of hammer. Once the surface already have a dent, it is easier to screw and make the hole larger and larger. (Do note that even though it should be easier to make the holes at the back of the box, but from physics point of view, even as weak as me, I could easily crashed the box using hammer. Hence, I recommend to put the box upright on a firm surface for this purpose.)

Once the hole is formed, you can now turn the box and continue to make the hole larger from the other side.

I made only 5 holes. If you wish to have bigger holes, pick a bigger diameter screwdrivers.

There are very complicated advises online on how to choose the soil and how to make your own mixture etc. However, I decided to go for the easiest: pebbles and soil.

Even though I love my succulent plants, I do not allow them to turn me into a control freak and a protective freak. I decided to follow the law of evolution, let the fittest survive. Those that survive will continue to become my pet plants. Those that can't, I'll be sorry for them (and my wallet too), but I won't do anything more complicated than what I'm currently doing. Life is too short to worry about the mixture ratio of my succulent plants soil.

So, first, for the bottom layer, pour in an inch or more of pebbles.

Add soil (I just use whatever I have in my garden) on top of the pebbles layer.

I do spray some roots-growing-fertilizer at the bottom layer of soil, hopefully can encourage the newly transferred plants to suit to the new environment better.

Add more soil and transfer the same group of plants together. These following 5 plants that I picked are said to need 4 hours of sunlight per day, and need water twice per month (this, I'm not following. Will update the water amount needed in the future after I do my DOE)

Then, for aesthetic purpose, I added white pebbles to let my cute little succulents stand out. I use a spoon for this purpose so that it is easier for me to control.

Finally, I use a brush to remove the dirt.

Tada!! The new happy family:

Sedum rubrotinctum (虹之玉)

Highly suspected to be the baby of 鹿角海棠

Crassula perforata (星乙女)

Kalanchoe tomentosa (月兔耳)

Echeveria 'Perle von Nürnberg (紫珍珠)

Hopefully they can all grow healthily and live at my house happily ever after :)
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