Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Iconic Hollywood Cars

OK, I must be very honest with you. I am totally not interested in blogging about these 10 iconic Hollywood cars. However, when I read about this, I'm surprise to see The Love Bug!! And it brings back lots of memory!! (of course, as usual, I am always excited to see the DeLorean from Back to the Future too!)

I was basically a Disney baby when I grew up, and watching The Love Bug on TV was definitely one of those memorable childhood moments I have (I'm referring to the '70s versions, and the early '80s TV version, not the one stared Lindsay Lohan). My dad drove a Volkswagen back then, so the fact that Herbie has mind of his own and capable of driving himself always make me wonder does my dad's Volkswagen do the same thing when we are not looking (just like what I felt about toys).

The stunts that Herbie can do back then was special and entertaining. The Love Bug was definitely a great family entertainment for us. I do remember some scenes where Herbie were splitted into half, or drive on 2 wheels, and these stunts were copied by the '80s Hong Kong blockbuster Aces Go Places too! (Hmm.... where's my long overdue blog post about Aces Go Places? Haha!)
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