Friday, March 15, 2013

So Proud of Myself

This morning, when I'm busy working, I received a pleasant surprise. An email from TripAdvisor, titled "Congratulations, you are among the top 1% most-read reviewers on TripAdvisor!"

I was so excited, I can't imagine I'm the top 1%! Must have contributed a lot to the world tourism. Ha ha!

I print-screen this email and share the news with Ah Wei, some friends and colleagues. Some asked "So what price do you get? Free trips? Discounted tickets?"

Well, nothing monetary. It's the sense of satisfaction and sense of contribution that count!

I always dream of having my own business in tourism industry. Before I could actually start contributing in this industry, at least I have putting in quite some effort in giving opinions that help other travellers :)
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