Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exploring Arts & Culture

If you ask me, I'll say Balboa Park is definitely on the MUST DO LIST if you ever travel to San Diego. If you can, please make sure you plan at least 2 days there. It is huge, and it is extremely interesting!

It's a dogs heaven

Since we had spent our first day doing nothing at Harbour Island, we have to squeeze both Balboa Park and Seaworld into our 2nd day.

We were thinking of covering Balboa Park in the morning, and go to Seaworld at 12pm, so we had only about 3 hours in the park. Due to the limited time, we rented a surrey near Spanish Village, and tour the heart of Balboa park in style (and honestly, in pain too. There are lots of uphills and downhills!) We enjoyed the architecture of the buildings, and we did stop for some photo shoots or a brief visit etc but we wish we could have more time here. There are so much to see!

The little girl was very envy when our passed by a garden birthday party. Blue sky, palm trees, green green grass, nice California weather and lots of laugthers. All the best elements in one great party. A bunch of lucky kids :)

San Diego Automotive Museum

San Diego Air & Space Museum

I particularly love this pet show, where they actually put up a sign saying "Warning! Children Left Unattended Will Be Sold To The Circus". Love their sense of humor.

After exploring a little bit of everything in the park, we were supposed to return our surrey and go to Seaworld. However, when we saw the lovely Spanish Village Art Center was having an art glass guild, we couldn't resist, and spent almost another hour there.

It was a sunny autumn afternoon. All the glass art were so mesmerizing under the sun. We visited a few art galleries, chit chat with a few artists, some were still busy adding the final touch on their art pieces.

This experience made me almost wanted to extend our stay in San Diego and visit as many art galleries / museums / parks as we can.....

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