Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mayim Bialik

I am not sure if you do notice, I have just recently added another link at "吃饱没事做?阿盈向你推荐" - Mayim Bialik's blog.

As I told you earlier, recently I've been addicted to The Big Bang Theory. So I started to watch video clips on Youtube and googled about The Big Bang Theory, then Sheldon Cooper, then Jim Parsons, and then almost everything about The Big Bang Theory. And this is how I came across The Official Mayim Bialik's Blog.

When Amy Farrah Fowler first appeared in the final episode of season 3, I actually love the idea of having a female version of Sheldon Cooper, they seems like a perfect match! And I did somehow find this face familiar.

However, in Season 4, I do not like the way this character developed. Amy is quite annoying sometimes,  being too harsh and trying too hard  (and I was happy that Sheldon described her as his friend who is a girl but not not his girlfriend.) I think at this point, the writers were trying very hard to find the balance between making her a female-version of Sheldon Cooper and at the same time likeable. After all, making an easily unlikeable character a likeable one is actually Jim Parson's thing.

It is in mid of Season 5 that the writers finally found the rhythm. The chemistry between Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik makes Shamy moments subtly sweet and enjoyable. Like Sheldon, my feelings for her has been increased too. :)

So I googled her, and I finally know why I felt that she looks familiar. She was Blossom Russo! (Well, I never watched that TV series in the 90s, but back then, they were not much shows on the TV and we basically know almost every shows aired. Blossom was quite popular back then), and she was in Beaches too.

It was when I watched one of the interviews on Youtube that I found out that she was actually accepted by Harvard and Yale (but she chose to attend UCLA to be close to her parents!) She earned Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience, Hebrew and Jewish studies, and she completed her PhD in Neuroscience!!She is Dr. Mayim Bialik!! So, this is how I started to read her blogs.

I enjoy reading her blog posts. I respect her devotion to religious, I respect her passion in science and education, I respect her being a vegan, and I respect her practice in attachment parenting. Putting her political opinion aside, I think she is sophisticated and inspiring. Besides, her blogs sometimes including behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory too! So here I am, recommending her blog to you :)

Latest update as of July 2016, Mayim has a new fantastic site: Grok Nation

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