Monday, March 4, 2013

I am Not a Slave

I noticed that more and more people started to notice that it is hard to find me through mobile phone during non-working hours. Well, I think if I don't explain myself, more and more people will start to think that I am super sombong liao. Haha! This makes this blog post very important to me, though I am so tempted to go to bed now :)

I think it is about time that I make this declaration: I am not a slave to technology! I always suspected that one day when the A.I. rise to power, I will be the few that get terminated since I always have 十冤九仇with computers.

Please understand that I am not obsessed about technology. I don't think my brian has developed to be able to constantly engaged in 24 hours connection. I don't feel the necessity to have my mobile phone with me for 24 hours. (This is also one of the reasons I do not have a data plan even though it is supposed to be employee benefits). The mobile phone is called a mobile phone for a reason: we only need it when we are mobile :p

When I go to meeting, I don't always bring my phone along because I know I am not going to pick up anyway (courtesy in meetings), unless I am waiting for some urgent calls. I'll have it with me if I'm mobile - walking from one plant to another.

When I'm driving, unless I'm with headsets, else I will not pick it up unless I know there's some urgent calls coming in.

When I'm at home (especially weekends), most probably my mobile phone will be in the dark corner of my backpack that I bring to work, or it will sit quietly at the side table in my bedroom. If I were downstair chit-chatting with my parents or reading news paper or munching tibbits, I will not hear my phone rings and I will not look at it at all until the next morning when it wakes me up (oh, and my phone doesn't have to do this on weekends since I am the follower of 睡到自然醒.

When I'm exercising, I assure you my mobile phone got no chance to follow me. Physical strength is my weakest link :) It is already hard for me to balance, to jump, to run, to shake, to stretch. I assure you that distraction from a phone call is the last thing that I allow to jeopardize my determination in shaping a healthier me.

When I'm in the toilet, don't even expect me to pick up the phone! I am either very focus in doing the business, or too embarrased to talk to you with the uniquely-toilet aurally-pleasing-acoustic.

When I'm in the cinema. Lagi no hope! I deserve 100% cinema experience, and I am not risking myself to be the public enemy #1.

So, if you ever called / texed / Viber / Whatsapp but couldn't get me, don't worry. Most probably I still haven't notice the missed calls or sms or whatsoever. I will, just not yet.

Like what Yoda said, patience you must have.
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