Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cozy in the Rocket

I always love Amelie's Cafe. This cute little shop at Armenian Street serve one of the best pasta in town.

It has now moved to Beach Street (near the junction of Armenian Street - Beach Street), and named as Cozy in the Rocket.

This new location is even better than the original Amelie's Cafe. First of all, now it is bigger, so you don't have to always wait in the queue. Secondly, now they split the shop into 2 areas, one with air-conditioning, another one still using the open-air concept. I hate Malaysia weather, and hence I love the new air-conditioning zone :)

It is a slightly upgraded version than the previous rustic feel. The shop deco is still as simple as possible, yet elegant.

Traditional Wooden Molds on the Wall

Just like when they were in Amelie's Cafe, they had their menu all written at the blackboard. The old metal cups are still hanging there, decorating the wall.

I love the fact that they still keep their special blackboard where they will write their "Today's Special". I always order from this list because these are made with the fresh ingredients that they just got from the market, and they never fail to surprise me.

The non-air-conditioning area

If you are interested, you can even choose to sit near to the kitchen, so that you can peek at the process of the chef.

During our previous visit, I saw "Gnocchi" on their "Today's Special" menu. I've never heard of this food and hence, my curiosity kick in. I MUST try this! We googled this and found out that this is normally a home-made meal in Italian family!! So we ordered a Gnocchi with mushroom in truffle sauce, and a Gnocchi with sausage meat and gorgonzola cheese.

The Gnocchi with mushroom in truffle sauce was great! Maybe I'm a fan of various types of mushrooms, I found this dish irresistible. The Gnocchi itself is tender and it absorbed the aroma of the mushrooms so well that the more you chew, it tastes better and better. The one with sausage meat is a bit too salty for me but I love the gorgonzola cheese in this dish. It mixed very well with the gnocchi.

I'm a huge fan of their passion fruit drinks

Gnocchi with mushroom in truffle sauce

Gnocchi with sausage meat and Gorgonzola cheese

Fresh spaghetti with bacon and asparagus

We had a great and quite lengthy chat in the cafe, so we felt a little bit guilty for only having the main dishes. We decided to get ourselves panna cotta with passion fruits. I'm never a fan of dessert, and I hate too much sweetness in my food. Hence, this is not really my type of food. However, the texture is very soft and smooth, and luckily the sour from the passion fruits make the sweetness bearable. For those that love sweet dessert, I'm sure you will fall in love with this :)

Panna cotta with passion fruit

How to go?
Address: 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, George Town
(Junction of Armenian Street and Beach Street, next to Cheah Kongsi new entrance)
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