Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 24 - Keep Moving

I started my day with 25 wood chops on each hand as warm ups. I used dumbbell for this workout as I want to make sure my arms got enough resistance when doing this.

After the warmups, I started the 200 mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are slightly harder than i wish, but as fun as I want. You can vary the pace as you wish, as if facing slopes with different difficulties. You have to keep moving because you need the momentum to push you through. I observed tights muscles, core muscles, and arms muscles working real hard.

Wei asked if I'll continue this program when we are at Bangkok later. Of course I will! I have completed more than 80% by then, why should I stop? I must keep moving! That is something I promised myself. This month is a preview and 2014 will be the real start :)

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