Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 - Relatively Easy

Day 5 consist of 100 high kicks and 75 Russian twists. Though the names sound intimadating, to my surprise, these are relatively easy.
High kicks are good warming up exercise. Though not as challenging, but you will start to feel your whole body getting warm after around 20 of these. I think I'll use these for my warm up in the future.
Russian twist is more challenging. To me, the balancing act of "sitting-on-the-ground-with-your-knees-bent-and-your-heels-about-two-feet-from-your-bum-and-lean-back-without-rounding-your-spine" is harder than the twist itself. So I actually took some time to practise the balancing act first before I start the twisting with dumbbells. Though not as challenging, I still have to do these 75 in 20-20-15-15 four sessions.
Overall, because of relatively easier, I did enjoy my session today :)

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