Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9 - My Mum is Always Right

My mum told me that the ache on my shoulder was not muscle pain. Now I confirm she is right.

I had fever started yesterday evening. I guess my body must have worked very hard to fight all the toxic in the system. Around midnight, I recovered from fever and started to have diarrhea, flushing out the toxic I think.

This morning, I woke up at 6am. Still doing my stretching, still continue the 30 Days Beach Body Challenge. Day 9 is easy. 25 squats and 100 skaters. I made it 50 skaters, 25 squats, and 50 skaters with dumbbells. Everything is easier than I thought until after I finished my workout. The shoulder angel and shoulder devil were debating again, should I or should I not, to get an mc and rest at home. (Well, you know the outcome of this debate since I'm now resting in the garden, writing this blog post.)

I went to Taman Mutiara after shower. I thought there are 24-hours clinics but apparently most of them open at 8am. I was early. I had 30 minutes to kill. Luckily I'm smart enough to bring my new novel along :)

I have forgotten how quiet is Taman Mutiara in the morning. Most shops are closed. The only 2 coffee shops that are operating also have only about half of the food stalls open. I ordered a bowl of porridge and happily reading my novel. About 20 minutes later, that area started to come alive. More and more stalls owners arrived and start to get prepared. More and more customers walk in, some with uniform, some don't.

I walked back to the clinic after my breakfast and I'm the doctor's first customer of the day. Everything went so smooth that I completed the whole process in about 10 minutes :)

And here I am, resting in the garden, writing this blog, while my body continue to release gasses from my mouth and you-know-where.

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