Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 12 - One of the Easiest

Day 12 = 200 punches + 200 butt kicks

I can't imagine how to do punches since the "30 Day Beach Body Workout" website doesn't provide any video or instruction on how to do this. So I went to Youtube and did a quick search. This is what I found, and this is REALLY easy, even for someone like me. I think I will add in some variation next time, maybe using dumbbells instead.

While I was punching to the air, I can't help but thinking of how old folks call Mahjong an exercise. Really, these 2 "exercises" have a lot in common. First of all, you don't move other parts of your body except your hands. Secondly, you do virtual exercise. While punches are basically punching air, Mahjong is a virtual swimming. So next time your parents or grandparents tell you they have to go exercise, don't laugh, they are telling the truth!

After the easy warmup, I started the 200 butt kicks. When I read the instruction of How to Do Butt Kickers Exercise link provided by the "30 Day Beach Body Workout", it mentions "butt kicks are effective warmup exercise". I imagined this as something easy. I was too lazy to read so I skipped the instruction and go straight to the video provided. To my surprise, the video instruction shows that butt kickers are not easy at all. The video is 10 full minutes. I decided I can come back to this when I have time in the future so I stop watching after 2 variations. I decided only stick to these two.
The first variation is quite hard. I have problem even for the balancing but I managed to do 50 kicks on each leg. After 100 kicks of this, I decided to move to the side-butt-kicks but then I decided that 10 kicks on each leg is good enough for today.

So what did I do after total 120 of butt kickers? I decided that I must find something easier to follow for today. So I search again and found this on YouTube, and I totally agree that THIS is an effective warmup exercise. Much easier, and the heart started to pump at higher rate in seconds. Love this! I think I'm going to keep this for my future routine too :)

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