Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 22 - Happy Winter Solstice

Mum woke me up early in the morning for last minute tangyuan disaster rescue op. Hence I didn't start my workout as soon as I wake up as per original plan. I started my day by preparing the tangyuan instead. I always love preparing tangyuan as that's the only time that adult playing Play-Doh and not being weird.

After getting the tangyuan ready, I nt back to my room, and started the 35 burpee pushups and 200 standing sided abs crunches. As you can predict, I hate anything with the word pushups. It added a hint of 'almost impossible'. With will power, I did 17 of burpee pushups, followed by 200 standing sided abs crunches, and completed the balance 18 burpee pushups.

It's tiring, but it's Winter Solstice! Cool breeze, family gathering, and managed to complete 35 burpee pushups. Satisfying :)

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