Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 16 - Good Momentum

I started to suspect that the workouts seem easier these days because of the momentum. I'm on day 16 now. My muscles are trained to understand that they cannot stay in the relax mode all the time like what they did for the past few years. So one by one, they started to cooperate, and some of the workouts become easier and easier.

My "big aunty" is visiting. I skipped my normal stretching routine, did some simple warm up, then started Day 16, which designed as 50 donkey kicks and 50 curtesy lunges.

Donkey kicks are pretty easy for me. I have no problem completing 25 on each leg. After the 50 donkey kicks, I even added another 10 in each leg with dumbbells.

Curtesy lunges are fun. I prefer this than the normal lunges. The workout steps are smoother compare to the lunges that I always having problem to link each steps together. Again, I successfully completed the 50 without breaks in between :)

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