Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 11 - I'm So Weak!

I know I'm weak, but I don't know I'm THIS weak.

Day 11 consists of 25 push ups and 75 tricep dips. My arm can only support my weight for less than 5 push ups. To prevent myself from giving up, and also due to time constrain, I choose to convert the balance 20 into something easier: push ups from my knees.

However, the actual nightmare comes after the pushups. The tricep dips are much harder than I have imagined. My tricep just not strong enough to support my own weight for 75 times of full dips. I ended up splitting this into 15-10-10-10-10-20. Can you imagine? I almost cried when doing this. Can't believe I have let my body performance deviated until this level.

Must work harder!


薇薇 said...

i can't do push ups too... :(

Ying Ying 盈盈 said...

Really? I thought you workout every day for the past few years so push ups should be extremely easy for you by now?

薇薇 said...

i run, swim, and some yoga stretches.

now started to do some plankink. push ups are very hard for me!