Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day26 - Boxing Day

How can I not start my Boxing Day with Punches as warmup? :)
After the punches, I started with 100 bicycle crunches. Now I'm getting better at this, at least I can do 80 bicycle crunches in a row without break. Not to discourage myself, I completed the first 100 by doing only bicycle (without crunches) for the balance 20.

Then, I switched to 50 butt kicks. Seems easy but I can only manage to do 50 before the break. So I decided to do 25 crunch kicks on each leg to make it 100 butt kicks.

Before I headed to work, I did another 100 bicycle crunches.

However, Day 26 actually consists of 200 bicycle crunches and 200 butt kickers. It means I still owe myself 100 butt kickers this morning.

How to catch up? Well, I completed the balance 100 with 50 side crunch kicks on each leg after work, before we head to airport :)

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