Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7 - Another Victory

Day 7 is probably the hardest. It's Saturday. I have been waking up early for the last 6 days and this is Saturday! My shoulder angel and the shoulder devil had almost 30 minutes of debate before I finally determine that I MUST DO THIS. To have the discipline to do what you want to do is the real freedom afterall. I see this as a personal small victory, beating the stepping bugs :)

Day 7 = 200 jumping jacks + 3 60 seconds plank

So I started a simple warmup (have you noticed my procrastination causing I skipped my normal stretching routine?) and went straight to jumping jacks. I thought I will suffer for this routine as my tight muscles are still crying in pain after Day 6 50 squats. Apparently they designed this challenge well. Each day you are forced to use different sets of muscles. I can still easily make it to 100 without problem. (Most probably because this exercise brings back a lot of memory. I bet every Malaysians does this in their primary school days)

I stopped at 100th and started the 60 seconds plank. I thought this should be easier than it was since I have had planks on the first 2 days. Well, I'm just being naive. These planks still kill me as always.

How I did it on Day 7: 100 jumping jacks --> 60s plank --> 100 jumping jacks --> 60s plank --> dumbbell lifting (to rest my abdomen muscles) --> 30 planks --> (rest again) --> 30 planks

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