Tuesday, July 19, 2016

5 of Sheldon's Most Rhythmical Lines

Out of sudden, accidentally, I spent a weekend finished watching the Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory and I'm hooked all over again.

I must say, I love how Sheldon transformed. The writers made it so subtle that now we look back, Sheldon's character grow episode by episode, season by season since the introduction of Amy in the end of Season 3. Though I did not like how the way Amy's character developed in Season 4, the writers finally found the rhythm in Season 5, and since then, Sheldon's dynamic with Amy was adorable in a fascinating way. I love how Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik make these characters grow slowly, steadily and wonderfully.

So much so I want to write about how I feel about their romantic relationship (I do notice what happened in Season 9, where they finally 'joining the club of all of humanity'), or to talk about how well the writers planned for Sheldon's self-discovery and continue developing his social and interpersonal skills, I missed the neurotic guy in the earlier seasons (this is a sitcom anyway). He is stubborn, irritating and annoying (And yet, Jim Parsons successfully turned him into one of the most adorable characters in the fictional world), and he steals the show every time!

When they first started the show, they give us a fantastic character whose passion for science was the core of this existence. The writers worked very hard to put every possible imaginable nerdy awkward moment into Sheldon's character, and they always give him the best lines. Jim Parsons always speak it rhythmically and I missed that! I missed how Sheldon speaks as if he is singing passionately.

Here are some of the rhythmical lines that I love (limited to clips that I managed to find on Youtube):

1. Guess What Just Happened
- This is not only my favorite rhythmical lines, but also one of those scenes that defines Sheldon. His out of the world, childlike imagination makes him so adorable that no matter how much you were irritated by him, moments like this always make sure he immediately has surplus in the emotional bank account.

2. The Drake Equation
- Even during the days when we had to memorize a lot of formulas, we never able to say this the way Jim Parsons says it! As if he is reciting a poem.

3. Sheldon's Spot
- This is one of the famous quotes from The Big Bang Theory. Even Penny had a chance to say these lines a few seasons later. Still, Jim says it the best.

4. Sheldon Star Wars Fascination
- Sounds like a poem to a Star Wars fan :)

5. The Tall Man From Cornwall
- After all, this is a children's book adaptation

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