Saturday, July 16, 2016

Orchid Plant Arrangement

An old friend of mine moved into her new house recently. We have known each other for almost 20 years. We signed up courses together, went to gym / yoga together, learned to cycle together, traveled together.... So when she told me that she finally had to throw away the clay orchids that we learned to make years back, I decided that I must make her a orchid plants arrangement. 

I use Earth Star as my decorative plants

To my surprise, this DIY project is much easier than I imagine. Here's how:

1. Material
    a) 2 or 3 orchid plants (best if they are same species or at least same colour tone)
    b) pebbles
    c) a nice pot / vase
    d) some ribbons or cloth for decoration purposes
    e) some decorative plants as base if you like

2. Steps
    a) remove the plant from the temporary plastic container (I think most of the orchids sold in Malaysia are in this form)

    b) place the plants in the pot / vase to pre-decide the main frame of the arrangement

    c) place the pebbles in the vase / pot

    d) place the orchid plants into the pot / vase. Hold them into the desired position and pour in the small pebbles to hold them in place.

    e) add in the earth stars to make the base more interesting.

    f) since this is a present, I added a satin ribbon as final touch.

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