Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Birth Place of California

This is where I fell in love with San Diego,
almost immediately

I love San Diego!

It is one of the few places that I could fell in love at first sight. We were driving from LA to San Diego through highway #1 (yes, still couldn't have enough of it). Our initial plan was to drive around checking for a few motels / hostels that I have shortlisted, check-in, then go to Balboa Park. However, when we stopped by at Harbour Island for washroom, we immediately fell in love with this place, and decided to have picnic at this area instead, and totally forgot about our accommodation concerns.

The beautiful abstract art formed by the tree shadows on the grass was so mesmerising, you could easily feel connected with your true self and found your inner peace. Both of us sat on the bench, quietly, feeling the time flew around us. The scene of deep blue sea heavily decorated by the reflections of sunlight, with yachts sailed through the calm water, with laughters from afar, is definitely one of my favourite moments of this trip.

Hours later, when we finally noticed that we had spent too much time sitting here doing nothing (but felt extremely satisfied), we decided to go straight to Dolphin Motel, the #1 in my short list motels, with very good reputation in a few websites. The owner gave us very good rate and very understanding. He knew we were on tight budget so he even guided us to a few other motels/hostels nearby so that we can check the price before making the decision. Well, of course, we ended up with this lovely motel because of their service, and also because the rooms are very clean and comportable.

We got a lot of tips from the workers here to explore San Diego. So on that evening, we followed their recommendations, visited the amazing Sunset Cliff and the old town of San Diego.

We had great sunset experience at the Sunsest Cliff. We walked the trail and met the great Pacific Ocean again at the end of the trail. I just can't have enough of the ocean :) The soil at the cliff reflected sharp vibrant red-orange that took our breath away.

After sunset, we drove to the old town. It's a typical tourist spot with restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops selling souvenirs. Apparently this is the birthplace of California! I love the fact that it is so colourful and vibrant, so Mexican (I like how they describe in one of the popular sign plate that almost every souvenir shops have "we didn't cross the border;the border cross us. This is exactly how I felt). We saw a long queue in front of the Old Town Mexican Cafe, and decided that this is the one! I had our name on the waiting list, then we sat near the front kitchen, looking at how they prepared the tacos. Half an hour later, we were seated. I love the ambience, warm yellow lamp with a few Mexicans playing their music and sang in the happy tune. The food was good, but too heavy for us.

It's a lovely first day at San Diego.


YinXin said...

"It is one of the few places that I could fell in love at first sight."
I SO agree! :D

盈盈 said...

Wow, Yin Xin, you are fast :)

YinXin said...

Just happened to be around at the right time ;)